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whatcha gonna do with that duck and other provocations - whatcha gonna do with that duck and other provocations 2006 2012 seth godin on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers made for dipping into again and again whatcha gonna do with that duck brings together the very best of seth godin s acclaimed blog and is a classic for fans both old and new getting your ducks in a row is a fine thing to do, this might work collected writings hardcover 2012 - saw this at work and despite the price and size had to get it came very well packaged in a giant box and came in its own box the pages creak open so it seems it must be brand new but the cloth cover under the book wrap was smudged and pages were creased, brainwashed seven ways to reinvent yourself by seth godin - years ago when you were about four years old the system set out to persuade you of something that isnt true not just persuade but drill practice reinforce and yes brainwash the mission to teach you that youre average that compliant work is the best way to a reliable living that creating average stuff for average people, revealing quotes incog man - read it all not from me but straight from the horse s mouth watch quick synopsis video above the adl jews at youtube will delete this video soon enough can t have sleeping white americans hear what the jews say themselves