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kadena air base wikipedia - kadena air base kadena hik j iata dna icao rodn is a united states air force base in the towns of kadena and chatan and the city of okinawa in okinawa prefecture japan kadena air base is home to the usaf s 18th wing the 353d special operations group reconnaissance units 1st battalion 1st air defense artillery and a variety of associated units, overview of air force combat units of world war ii part 1 - book air force combat units of world war ii author maurer maurer affiliation usaf date 1986 overview of air force combat units of world war ii part 1 from the national archives this book traces the lineage of each army air corps and u s air force combat group that was active in world war ii, air raids on japan wikipedia - allied forces conducted many air raids on japan during world war ii causing extensive destruction to the country s cities and killing between 241 000 and 900 000 people during the first years of the pacific war these attacks were limited to the doolittle raid in april 1942 and small scale raids on military positions in the kuril islands from mid 1943, perry expedition to japan volume 1 beverley tucker - you can order on line just click in the box for the book that you want and then complete the form at the bottom of the page and hit the send button