Lucien Herve -

lucien herv michael hoppen gallery - lucien herv b 1910 is considered to be one of the great architectural photographers of the twentieth century he collaborated with le corbusier from 1949 until the architect s death in 1965 with whom he had a great rapport and who pronounced him to have the soul of an architect, lucien herv le corbusier - prix lucien herv et rodolf herv association des amis de lucien herv et de rodolf herv, the photographer with the soul of an architect lucien - in 1949 self taught photographer lucien herv 1910 2007 traveled from paris to marseille to see unit d habitation a housing complex by architect le corbusier awed by the groundbreaking modern design herv took 650 photographs of it in a single day, lucien herv le corbusier s favorite photographer - born as l szl elk n in 1910 the photographer now known as lucien herv moved to paris in 1929 his travels would embroil him in the upheaval of world war ii and bring him face to face with the political power struggles dominating europe, lucien herv building images 20th century photography - his photographic works began to appear in french magazines in 1938 but he was captured in 1940 spent time in german prisons escaped in 1941 and spent three years in the resistance where he took the name lucien herv, lucien herv jeu de paume - lucien herv was also a committed observer of the world and of humanity however seeking everywhere the presence of the living his photographs taken from above or at an angle allowed him to play with the geometry of the image and tended towards abstraction, lucien herv information biography and art see - lucien herv was a french photographer of hungarian origin he was notable for his architectural photography beginning with his work for le corbusier he is one of the rare photographers to combine a humanist outlook with an architect s eye, lucien herv building images resources olivier beer - herve loved this building and le corbusier recognized this love for le corbusier herve was a photographer with the soul of an architect and he asked herve to be his official photographer in the tradition of architectural photography herve carved himself a niche