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freedom at midnight wikipedia - freedom at midnight 1975 is a book by larry collins and dominique lapierre it describes events around indian independence and partition in 1947 48 beginning with the appointment of lord mountbatten of burma as the last viceroy of british india and ending with the death and funeral of mahatma gandhi, freedom at midnight larry collins dominique lapierre - freedom at midnight larry collins dominique lapierre on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers read by frederick davidson this is the story of the eclipse of the british raj and the birth of an independent india and pakistan the fabled india of the maharajas, towers of midnight wikipedia - towers of midnight is a fantasy novel by robert jordan and brandon sanderson is the sequel to the novel the gathering storm and the 13th book in the wheel of time series the novel is the second part of a memory of light robert jordan s projected final book because of the amount of material to cover it was agreed by jordan s wife tor books and brandon sanderson to break the final book, long walk to freedom open book systems inc - acknowledgment as readers will discover this book has a long history i began writing it clandestinely in 1974 during my imprisonment on robben island without the tireless labor of my old comrades walter sisulu and ahmed kathhrada for reviving my memories it is doubtful the manuscript would have been completed, challenged works list freedom to read - about the challenged works list this selective list prepared by the freedom of expression committee of the book and periodical council provides information on more than 100 books magazines and other written works that have been challenged in the past decades each challenge sought to limit public access to the works in schools libraries or bookstores, midnight s children by salman rushdie goodreads - midnight s children is an absolute masterful piece of writing it is entertaining intelligent informative progressive and even funny it is an astoundingly well balanced epic that captures the birth of a new independent nation, midnight a gangster love story by sister souljah - a fierce fighter with heart and a powerful mind midnight is willing to do anything to defend his family the women he loves and his business and property, index of economic freedom promoting economic opportunity - index of economic freedom measures economic freedom of 186 countries based on trade freedom business freedom investment freedom and property rights